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Hof Hasharon, Herzliya

The Sharon Beach National Park (Hof HaSharon) is a tourist destination on the Israel National Trail in Herzliya region not far from the Shefayim kibbutz. It is well-known for the seasonal blossoms of purple iris, which can be ob0served in February and March. Other plants that can be seen here are thyme, sea cudweed, sand wormwood, sorrel, golden wreath wattle, woolly distaff thistle, silver nailroot, joint pine, and white broom. Visitors will also note mountain gazelles, which were introduced in the reservation in 2000.

Green sea turtles – which are an endangered species – are found nesting along the coastline and can be observed at night from May through August, but park officials recommend that you do not remain on the beach after dark.

Sharon Beach National Park is a lovely destination for hikes and the trails are easy enough to walk on. It’s a family-friendly destination, but note that you’ll need proper hiking shoes, food, and water if you plan a visit here as there are no facilities in the park. Cyclists may use the trail marked with black. Entrance is free.

Website: https://www.parks.org.il/reserve-park/גן-לאומי-חוף-השרון/

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