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Port of Jaffa

The ancient Port of Jaffa is a mere 35 minutes drive when you stay at Herzliya Marina Lagoon Apartment. Also known as the Jaffa Port or Nemal Yafo, this must-see treasure is one of the main tourist destinations for Tel Aviv and Herzliya visitors. It’s still an important fishing harbour, which means that you can enjoy exquisitely fresh seafood and fish in restaurants and cafes nearby. It also boasts all kinds of historical landmarks, like the Jaffa Light lighthouse and a modern art museum at the marina. You may also want to visit the House of Simon the Tanner, the Marine Center Jaffa, and the Greek Orthodox St. Archangel Michael Monastery when you are here.

In the Bible, Jonah sails from Jaffa to Tarshish and ends up in the belly of a whale – an allegorical legend with great significance in Christianity and a draw for many pilgrims to the Old Port of Jaffa.

Beyond the legend, the Port of Jaffa still counts among the oldest harbours in the world and, although Israel has more modern facilities for boats, yachts, and other vessels, it is still used by local fishermen who continue their centuries-old traditions. When you visit, do not miss the promenade, and the Shuk Hapishpishim flea market among other local must-see attractions, which include mosques, churches, and period residences.

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