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Safari Ramat Gan

Don’t imagine hunting and poaching when you say “safari” at Safari Ramat Gan – because this is not it. Instead, this destination – officially known as the Zoological Centre Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan – is a nature conservation institution caring for all kinds of animals, including Sumatran orangutans, giraffes, brown bears, lions, zebras, lemurs, and so many others.

Safari Ramat Gan attracts more than 700,000 visitors every year. It cares for many different species of animals, and it has several research projects. For example, at Safari Ramat Gan you can observe the feeding habits of the animals and attend all kinds of activities, including caring for wildlife at the local animal hospital.

Private tours are available early mornings – if you are here before 7:15 a.m. you can join the group.  Please note that these tours are subject to extra fees and availability. If you are not an early bird, there are always other tours, like night-time and midnight safaris, tours for retirees, and observation trips. Whatever you need, they’ll accommodate you when you contact them well in advance.

Phone: 03-6320222
Website: https://www.safari.co.il/
Address: Sderot HatzviStreetRamat Gan.

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