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Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

Rothschild Boulevard (Sdeerot Rothschild – also spelt Sderot Rotshild) is a modern thoroughfare in the financial district of Tel Aviv. It’s wide and all-so-charming with its central slip where you find everything from fitness outdoor gear to hammocks, playgrounds, and dog parks. It’s tree-lined all the way and – more importantly – it’s part of the White City route, as most of the buildings flanking it are UNESCO-listed treasures.

A walk down Rothschild Boulevard is always pleasant, but then, there are so many things to see and experience along the way. For instance, the Independence Hall is a must-see and so are the Bauhaus buildings that make this thoroughfare a must-see in any White City tour.

While you stroll down on the Rothschild Boulevard observe the sculptures scattered about and the kiosks. Take a break and grab a cup of coffee while you take in the pulse of the neighbourhood. From here, rent a bike and ride along to discover other Tel Aviv landmarks.

The boulevard stretches between Neve Tzedek and Habima Theatre.

Address: Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

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