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Rabin Square, Tel Aviv

Formerly the Kings of Israel Square, Rabin Square (Kikar Rabin) is a delightful city landmark. Its main attraction is the ecological water pool with multicoloured lilies and koi fish. Close to the pool, there’s a memorial commemorating the Holocaust designed by Israeli artist Yigal Tumarkin. The pool is surrounded by sun loungers where you can lay down and rest enjoying the fresh air and the views.

The square was renamed to commemorate the November 4, 1995 assassination of the 5th Prime Minister of Israel, Nobel Peace Prize winner Yitzhak Rabin, which occurred at the site.

Today, Rabin Square attracts tourists and locals alike and it is an important location for celebrations like the Independence Day of Israel every May 14. Other events include street festivals, food fair, pillow fight, and a “Water War” every 4th of July initiated by American expats living in Tel Aviv to mark the American Independence Day.

Address: Kikar Rabin, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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